Turn Ons For Guys

In this article, we are going to give you the top turn ons for guys. Please read carefully.

Warning: with these techniques, your man will want you so much just you and only you. So please remember to be extremely careful.

1. Laying your head on his chest:
When he is on the sofa looking at Netflix or staying in bed, it would be great emotion to have you put your head on his chest. It would be even nicer if, at the same time, you can put your arm over him. As a man, he wants the feeling of protection, and that also indicates that you trust him.

2. Texting Him First:
When guys have to always start a conversation first, it would cause a lot of pressure on him. Because sometimes, they are unsure whether or not they are being too pushy. Thus, he might overthink and do not send you messages at all and that could make you wonder. Men want to feel affection especially from the person they love. If you can send him a quick text, that would be very nice.

3. Show appreciation toward him:
Different people have a different level of affection, and that is absolutely normal. You have to remember that if a man puts lots of effort into the relationship, he would love to receive appreciation from you. Although action speaks louder than words. However, some guys love it when you actually put things into words.

4. Tell everyone on Facebook how much you love him:
Many people go too far with this method. You will need to be subtle. When he treats you nicely, you should share it with your friends to share the love and appreciation.

5. Playing with His Hair While He’s Driving
My girlfriend randomly did this one day and it feels really awesome. You should try and see the unexpectedly great result.

6. Attentiveness (listening)
You guys probably already knew that listening is an action that takes effort. When he talks, you should keep eye contact and be engaged in the conversation. This shows the highest level of caring and loving.

7. Send him a message when you are out with your friends:
Texting him when you are out with your friends shows that you are thinking of him even when you are having fun. This is very crucial

8: Be Affectionate
You do not need to jump on him in public places. However, holding hands while walking and hugging in grocery store lines, hooking your arm to his as you walk makes him feel close to you. You will create a lot of bonding energy, which is essential for a long term relationship.

I hope this information is useful for you to understand what are the things that turn men on. Please apply the information above to make your love life better and last forever.